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On a vacation in 2005, my wife and I drove through Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We were there for a couple days, and ran into "Cooter's in the Smokies". I immediately recognized what it was. You see, a year or so ago I started a 1990 Jeep Wrangler project. It was going to be a themed jeep, and my two choices were either a Superman theme, or the General Lee. As a child, I lived for the Dukes of Hazzard. They were by far the coolest people in the world. Anyways, I did tons of research on the General Lee but ended up going with the Superman Jeep. I guess it paid off, because the jeep has been in 4 magazines, including Off Road Adventures magazine twice (Nov. 04 & Feb 05). I never would have realized that the Dukes had such a cult following had it not been for the Jeep research. I made this web page as my dedication to the show and the fans like me. Hopefully the information here will be of some value to people looking for info, or just looking to relive some fond memories.

Anyways, I went in Cooter's in Gatlinburg, and for a measly $5.00, I got to sit in the most legendary car in the world (to me) and take my very own picture in the General Lee. Upon talking to the lady that runs the place, I found out that the first five episodes were filmed in Covington, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. Now it just so happens that my vacation included a 2 day stop in Atlanta, so guess what??? Yep, you guessed it. I drove to Covington to check it out. I couldn't believe it. I was actually standing in the old town square, right in front of the courthouse. I kept looking around to see if the General was gonna drive by, or maybe Boss Hogg or something... It was awesome. I walked all the way around the square. There are all kinds of little shops and stuff. One of the shops is called "A Touch Of Country". There you can pick up a couple of postcard sized maps of where certain things from the show were such as the Boar's Nest, Hazzard County Jail and Uncle Jesse's farm. The maps will cost you ten cents each, or you can just print the ones found on this site.



Hazzard county was actually "Newton" county Georgia. Covington, Georgia was were the town square was, and was also once known as "Sparta, Mississippi" when it was used to film "In The Heat Of The Night". According to the people at "A Touch Of Country" right in the middle of the town square, Covington has actually been used for 41 tv shows and movies. They have a small, but interesting "museum" with some pretty neat stuff. The courthouse is still there and you can drive right down Elm street where they filmed several jumps at the Williams street intersection. The Boar's Nest is still there too, however it's now a church. When you drive up on it, it's really pretty cool. It is unmistakable.


This map is in "Historic Covington".



Parts of the show were filmed across town in Conyers, Georgia, which is about 10 miles or so west of Covington. "Historic Conyers" is a very neat little town, although I drove right by everything on this map and didn't even realize it until I got back home. I had my sights set on "Uncle Jesse's Farm" but was unable to locate it. I drove so far up Milstead Ave, I was sure I had passed it, only to find I had just then reached the Bethal road intersection. There is a cool covered bridge off of Bethal Road, although it has no tie to the show (to my knowledge). After checking out the bridge, which means I drove right over the jump site, and right by the junk yard (without realizing it at the time), I came back out onto Loganville highway and continued north in search of the farm. I drove until the road ended in a "T". I turned right, continuing on Loganville highway still searching for the farm. This was a long way. I mean, I must have driven a half hour or so before even reaching Bethal Road. Who knows, I may have driven right by the farm, and not even realized it. The lady back at "A Touch Of Country" in Covington had said that the farm is still there, however it is in pretty bad shape, and that it's only a matter of time before they tear it down (although she had never been there).

**I have recently been told that Uncle Jesse's Farm was in fact going to be torn down, however after some research, they found it that it dated back to the civil war, so now it can't be torn down because it is historic. GREAT NEWS!!! It would have been very helpful to have actual addresses to these places when I was there.

**I have since found the addresses and they are available to you below the maps.


This second map is in "Historic Conyers", Georgia.


UPDATE: I have acquired the addresses to these places for anyone looking to visit the area.

Hazzard county courthouse - 1124 Clark St. NW, Covington, Ga. 30209

Sheridan Orphans Home - 5160 Echols St. NW, Covington, Ga. 30209

Ace's Used Cars - 1149 Usher St. Ne, Covington, Ga. 30209

Civic & Fraternal Clubs - 100 Hamill St., Oxford, Ga. 30267

Boars Nest - Rt 1, Oxford, Ga. 30267

Junkyard - 3975 Hwy 20, Conyers, Ga. 30207

Hazzard county Jail - 1293 Milstead Ave, Conyers, Ga. 30207

Dept Of Environmental Protection - 1412 Milstead Ave, Conyers, Ga. 30207

Grocery Store - 4010 Hwy 20, Conyers, Ga. 30207

Uncle Jesse's Farm - 2201 Lenora Rd, Loganville, Ga. 30249

Starr Recording - 1200 Spring St. NW, Atlanta, Ga. 30309

****These addresses were found here. You can also see some some photos of the locations too.




1969 Dodge Charger (R/T)


318 V8
383 V8
440 Magnum
*426 Hemi


Black wall racing tires


Transmission: Torqueflite A-727; Auto used also


A four-barrel holley 780 Double-Pumper, or 383ci Big Block with probalby a 4barrel 650-750cfm carb


Eldebrock Torquer Intake.


License Plate:
Georgia CNH-320


Extras installed in the making of the General Lee:
1. The body of the car was painted several times with Hugger Orange.
2. The previous horn was replaced with a horn that played Dixie.
3. New manifolds and exhaust system.
4. Gill guard added.
5. Roll bars were added in the interior to support the roof.
6. The doors were welded shut.
7. Dixie Horn placed under hood.
*no Hemi cars were ever recorded being used on the show.


To my knowledge, 309 Generals were used for the show. The original General Lee (Lee 1) has recently been found and recovered, although it is trashed. Chrysler produced approx 89,200 Chargers in 1969, slightly down from 96,100 in '68 and it dropped to about 49,000 in '70. If you own a General Lee, or would like info on building one, check out

Build A General Lee.com

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**Please note that the information on this site is believed to be accurate, however you may find some innaccuracies. I have collected this info from various places in order to provide it here for you. If by chance you find something that is incorrect, or just want to make a comment, please email it to me.